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Living Autism

Helping people in need was always the best cause as well as the challenge. Presenting the interface to people with disabilities and making it easy for them to use was a challenge of it's own.

The platform we built for includes web platform with directories, extensive search abilities for professional help, accommodation and education, classifieds, support groups and discussion forums.

This website provides you with the opportunity to share information, experiences and advice.

Prozesstechnik Portal

Sophisticated implementation of technology combined with best user interface practices brings the best experience in reading an online magazine. Combination of Amazon technologies and stated of art Google services produces a lightning fast page loading.

Adapted for both web and mobile users, we are able to provide a user with a wonderful experience.

For those that are deeply into Prozesstechnik, there are native applications based on application programming interface. Built on top of proven technologies provides a needed support for an in-app native experience on most popular platforms.

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SmartyPants Vitamins

Committed to personal and global health, SmartyPants Vitamins supports every part of the wellness journey. Their delicious gummies make getting your supplements an easy, palatable, and eco-friendly experience!

This website is being developed for one of the top producers of gummy vitamins for kids, grown ups & weight management this website is supporting some of the most technologically advanced on it's blog, store locator and e-commerce.

SmartyPants Vitamins offline retailers locator

It offers it's thousands of daily visitors stunning performance while integrating Google maps clusters to support finding among thousands retail stores. Affiliate integration and promotions with charity support are just some of the ways this brand gives back to people dedicated to health.

Integrated with the most advanced payment systems, it allows customers safe and fast checkout. Focused on tests data from driven experiments, we manage to keep ever increasing the conversion rate.

Responsive SmartyPants Vitamins website

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